What will happen if I drop some or all my classes during a semester while receiving financial aid?

Financial Aid

Before refund date:
It would have no effect if you maintain the enrollment status (i.e.) full-time, half-time, three quarter time, less than half time) that you held prior to dropping the class. It will only change the amount of the tuition

After refund date:

You will be subject to satisfactory academic progress standards that require you to complete a certain percentage of hours attempted. You may obtain a copy of these standards from the Financial Aid office or on our website in the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

  If you are required by TSI to be enrolled in a developmental course and drop the course you will be withdrawn from the college and may be subject to repay Title IV Financial Aid Funds.

 If you have appealed for the current semester you are not allowed to drop a class or classes or you will be placed back on suspension.

If you drop all courses or you receive all F’s in a semester you may be subject to repay Title IV Financial Aid Funds which includes Federal Pell Grant and any Federal Student Loans.